Artist Portfolio

Thress, Zamu, Arlo, Sellos

Thress, 25, the official bass player for the band, is a self-taught musician raised in New Jersey.

           From nightclubs to the main stage of Double Parked Festival, Thress has met amazing and inspiring musicians all over, from New York to California, and is now humbly making his debut by rallying the most talented musicians in Hudson County. 

Thress, Arlo, and Royer have been long-time friends and have been collaborating together ever since high school.

Royer Zamu, 23, is the visionary guitarist of Sir Synthesis. A perfectionist wizard lost in patches and riffs, Zamu stops only when he finds the right sound...

It's always such a beautiful feeling; making something cool when trying something new.

Arlo Bloom, 24, outside of Sir Synthesis, Arlo composes his own solo compositions. 

       His background in Jazz Studies is clearly heard once you listen to the tracks he has to offer. Genres are not something he confides in, as he frequently experiments with exotic rhythms, dreamy chord progressions, and smooth melodies.

 You might find yourself tranced by the cotton nuances that flood your ears quite often. -Arlo

Sellos, 23, grew up in the long-lost clan of a forgotten tribe of media arts.

Those years are long gone now, and much has happened since then. He is the percussionist for Sir Synthesis.

Music is a sensual, multi-dimensional language and from the receiving end, as the listener, we get to live in a world that our own mind ultimately plays a crucial role in creating. 


Reclaiming memories for myrrh, now only we walk these spooky old roads as travelers in crystal caravans.